Undergraduate Education:

The School of Applied Disciplines offer undergraduate education under International Trade, Management Information Systems and Tourism Administration departments.

Graduate Education:

Graduate education studies of SAD are coordinated by the Institute of Social Sciences. The detailed information is available at the related departments or the Registrar’s Office.


Internatıonal Trade

Management Information Systems

Tourism Administration



The Department of International Trade: The department aims to educate future managers who can deal with the global challenges of business environments. During the four year undergraduate program, students are educated not only in the fields of economics, marketing, finance, production and management/organizations but take courses related to communication technologies, quantitative analysis, international trade, the services sector as well as in all business and economics courses, the international dimensions of the topics are especially highlighted. The department encourages close cooperation with the business world. In order to develop skills to solve the problems of a dynamic and complex business environment, some specialized courses include business applications. After the sophomore year, students are required to complete 70 days of internship in business establishments approved by the Department. The graduates will also have a good command of at least two foreign languages.


The Department of Management Information Systems: The goal of the program is to provide students with relevant knowledge of information and communication technologies and sufficient managerial skills to develop and manage information systems in organizations. Students acquiring basic informatics and management skills in the first two years are provided the opportunity to improve their skills and perspectives through a wide selection of elective courses. In the last two years, students can focus on their fields of interest through the application oriented departmental electives.  The graduates will be equipped with sufficient information technology knowledge to assume immediate responsibility in organizations or to pursue graduate studies in the field of information technologies and management.


The Department of Tourism Administration: The department aims to educate future managers, academics and entrepreneurs who can adapt to the ever-changing business environment and can be leaders of development and change in the field of tourism. The undergraduate program includes economics, finance, management, human resources, accounting, marketing and behavioral science courses that cover the basic managerial concepts along with tourism related courses like congress tourism, hospitality, food services, travel agencies and tour operators. Students can benefit from various elective courses instructed by experts from the sector in order to specialize in a field of their choice. Throughout the courses in-class discussions, team works, and tourism field projects are encouraged..